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Nadina Mackie Jackson



Museum quality, fine 19th century bassoon, possibly made in Dresden, restored and maintained by Robin Howell and more recently Leslie Ross in 2011 with a linseed oil bath, fitting of keys and bumpers and complete cleaning. High A, C and D keys and Low E Flat. 

This bassoon has no maker's stamp, and there is a capital F carved carefully on the inside curve of the wing joint (see photos). Evidence of much playing has been burnished into the beautiful naturally flamed maple. There is a fracture in the bell ring. This instrument was played for many years over a period of two centuries and has a rich, stable and warm tone. Comes with three bocals by Leslie Ross.

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This bassoon is now set to be auctioned, Lot 55 opening December 2, 2018 - closing December 6, 2018

Another rare 19th century bassoon by Glier also available.


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