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Nadina Mackie Jackson



Nadina Mackie Jackson, David Swan and Aleks Shurmer

Worldly music for bassoon and piano...A panorama of ravishing music written for bassoon and piano, including new works created especially for Nadina Mackie Jackson and David Swan.

"...Jackson and pianist David Swan seem to exult in its fiery, romantic spirit...a rhapsody of tremendous force and turbulence...Ms Jackson is superb here, completely secure in her wide-ranging of the... finest bassoon recitals have have been lucky enough to review."

Steven Ritter, The American Record Guide, September/October 2004

"I was awed by the gorgeous sound Nadina produces on (the) bassoon...I have to consider this my favourite bassoon recording of all of the finest independently produced CDs I've ever seen...performance, recording quality, packaging and notes are absolutely excellent."

Merlin Williams, WholeNote Magazine, September, 2004

"Nadina Mackie Jackson [is] a fantastic woman-artist-bassoonist of the highest order!... absolutely astounding surety and accuracy but still leaving plenty of room for expression and grace... beautiful, richly emotional expression... the performance, recording technique - everything - is so exquisitely done!... I am insanely jealous of NMJ's bassooning - technique,musicianship, artistry - the whole package! Buy this CD so that I won't be alone in my jealousy!"

Ronald Klimko, International Double Reed Journal, June, 2004

"...Ms Jackson and Mr Swan have a real feeling for how this music should resound, and I can't imagine a better performance."

Steven Ritter, American Record Guide, Sept-Oct 2003

" turns lyrical and rhetorical...Jackson's intense musicality...a memorably expressive performance."
National Post, June 2, 2003

"...incredible capacity for both virtuosity and poignancy...a brilliant mix of dazzling technique and gentle lyricism."

International Double Reed Journal, June, 2003

"...I can't imagine a better performance."

Steven Ritter, American Record Guide, Sept-Oct 2003

"...very expressive, phrasing especially lovely, technique excellent."

Danielle Charbonneau, "Music for a while", Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, May 7, 2003

"...a sparkling performance of Telemann's Twelve Fantasias...exquisite bassooning...and incredibly talented musician...I can't imagine them being played any better."

CD Review, The Double Reed (International Double Reed Society magazine), Spring, 2002

"I love this recording!"

Danielle Charbonneau, Music For A While, CBC Radio Two, November, 2001

"...exquisite playing...particularly from bassoonist Nadina Jackson."

Opera review, National Post, April 2, 2001

"...bassoonist Nadina Jackson gave us the real thing in her solos in the symphony."

The Globe & Mail, December 14, 1992

"The highlight of the evening was Nadina Mackie's commendable solo in the Mozart Bassoon Concerto."
The Montreal Gazette, 1985

"Nadina Mackie charmed us with a combination of beautiful simplicity and artistic brilliance ...technical difficulties evaporated in the face of her disarming assurance."

Le Nouvelliste, 1985

"Here is an artist possessing a rich musicality and superb control..."

Le Nouvelliste, 1984

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