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THREE [2015]
Nadina Mackie Jackson

THREE [2015]


THREE is a lively and adventurous chamber group born through the collaboration of favourite Canadian soloists Guy Few, Nadina Mackie Jackson and Leslie Newman. With a combined mastery of flute, trumpet, bassoon and piano, THREE’s programming is versatile and eclectic, ranging from the masterpieces of Western Europe to Argentinean Tangos to new works by Canada’s own great composers.

Excerpts from review from tour concert (same music as CD):
Sept 30 2015
by Margot Aldrich

Three entered and as if to say, “this is what we do”, opened the performance without hesitation. We understood we were in for a Carnival, some marathon playing, great communication and above all, some joyous foot stomping whether literal or actual. We were swept away from the first note.

Mathieu Lussier, a bassoonist himself, composed the “Bacchanale” which Three gave us, in this instance, in the form of piano, flute and bassoon. This profound piece of writing opened with an undeniable sentiment of Bad Ass. It was so very there. Each member of Three established their muscle.

All change as we are offered some Shostakovich. Forget the militarism and the angst, this is a Waltz from a Jazz Suite. A breakaway moment, almost akin to a Stravinsky ballet. Voices so well paired and a kind of holding back, head slightly cocked with those eyes just a little too close together. Three does that very well...

Ah Piazzola. First “Oblivion”. It turns out Tango lends itself well to bassoon as Mackie Jackson effectively played the roles of string bass, violinist and voice. Three captured the understated, slow, fluid motions of the dance, complete with seductive glances. Bandoneon was very present in the spirit of Three's performance. Their “Otno Porteno” leaned into bends and laments. The air was thick and dark with visions of beads and heels. Three provided a new emotion not experienced before except perhaps by natives of Buenos Aires.

Three does not simply perform. They invite you into a segment of their packed and varied lives. They give you every musical climate and contour, every human expression and interaction. They give you a culinary experience and a Sommelier's guidance. You have a sense that they travel not only across the country but through musical experiences and experiments in their lives, bringing together past, present and future. Music is not something they do, it is who they are, inside and out and they give their skill and their stories generously.  If you are lucky you will be invited too.

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