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Nadina Mackie Jackson

Professional Bassoon Reeds (10 per box) - limited supplies


Enjoy the same reeds that you hear on my recordings and performances.  I make a lot of reeds and sell my extras, but supplies are limited.  Available in boxes of 10 while supplies last.  Wrapped with cotton string and secured with natural beeswax... look ugly, sound great.

more about the reeds:

Tube cane sources include Lavoro (robust!), Rouché (refined), Donati, Reiger (not sure who grows it), Ghys (mellow) and a few stray Danzi.

Basic adjustment is to make sure wires are snug, especially second wire. Put on mandrel to tighten. If first wire is very loose, it is safer to replace it rather than risk squishing the cane. Otherwise, light sanding can revive the reeds if they begin to get dull.

My shape has evolved to a wider tip and throat, which makes some of the reeds softer than you might expect. While the tips will open upon soaking, play them for a few moments before adjusting wires. Generally, the scrape is tapered, heavier in the back and middle, tapering to tip and sides with quite thin cane at tip.

The string is sealed with beeswax. Though a very clean and totally healthy sealant, anti-bacterial even, it always looks ratty when handled. Don’t be alarmed by that.  Appearance can be restored by heating again over a flame (not in flame), then letting it cool, and buff with lint free cloth (who knew!?).

These reeds are all from my playing stable, used for a few rehearsals or a show, then retired.  I like to play brand new reeds and don't usually sell those, though I make exceptions if you really really want them (costs extra). If you need to return or exchange, we can talk about that too.

Because these are handmade reeds and all have been played by me, I will send a character description of each reed. I know, I need to get out more.



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