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Nadina Mackie Jackson

ORIGINAL 19th CENTURY BASSOON (Glier in Klingenthal in Sachsen) - SOLD


Exceedingly rare and beautiful, functioning instrument for the collector or performer. Mid to late 19th century German bassoon fully restored by Leslie Ross in 2011 with linseed oil bath, complete cleaning, fitting and padding of 14 keys, repair of cracks, tenon wrapping, cork and bumper replacements and laniard ring.

Maker’s stamp visible on all joints: “Glier in Klingenthal in Sachsen”. Natural flame very apparent in wood. Delicate detailing and keyword, along with a rare extendable wing joint and extendable high A and high C keys. Low E flat key. Note the long bass joint and elegant, short all-wood bell. Comes with 2 bocals by Leslie Ross.

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This bassoon is now set to be auctioned, Lot 56 opening December 2, 2018 - closing December 6, 2018

Another model of 19th Century German-made bassoon by an anonymous maker also available.

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